Celebrating 80 Years of Citizens Advice

To mark 80 years of advice and celebrate the impact of volunteers, staff and trustees – past and present at Citizens Advice Elmbridge West, we have recently held a number of special events. 


80th Birthday Party at Citizens Advice Elmbridge West

On Friday 20th September, at our offices at the Elmbridge Hub in Walton on Thames, we hosted a birthday party event for charity partners, volunteers, staff and trustees.

Margaret Bourne

Citizens Advice Elmbridge West – Chief Executive Margaret Bourne opened the event, with the Mayor of Elmbridge – Mary Sheldon and Melanie Bussicott – Head of Community Services – Elmbridge Borough Council, both speaking at the event.

Mayor of Elmbridge
Melanie Bussicott

Guests were invited to review the history of Citizens Advice with a timeline exhibition, recording key events and impact since 1939 on display.

Attending Walton on Thames – Heritage Day

On Saturday 21st September we were delighted to attend Heritage Day in Walton on Thames, a fabulous community event organised by WOTTA.  We are keen to continuously develop our links and improve accessibility within the local community.

As a part of our celebrations we ran a stall for the day at the Bridge Street fair. It was a fantastic day and we thoroughly enjoyed being part of it. Thank you to all the volunteers and those who entered the competition to win the bear!

Congratulations to the lucky prize winner!






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