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Citizens Advice Elmbridge (West) provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to people in Elmbridge.

Our Services

Our advice covers a wide range of social and domestic problems including housing, debt, employment and domestic violence. Our Advisers research all client options and look at the possible outcomes of difference courses of action. They do not tell clients what to do but encourage them to make their own decisions based on the latest information available.

You can make a difference

Every year Citizens Advice puts thousands of pounds back into the pockets of hard-pressed families, the unemployed, homeless and poorest communities it serves. It does this by helping them to manage their money, claim their full financial entitlements and avoid the costs of getting into debt.

This money is critical to their lives and to local business. Without money people cannot afford the essentials of life and without spending local business cannot thrive.

You can help us to keep local markets buoyant by supporting our work with people in need in your community.

How you can help

Citizens Advice Elmbridge (West) is a unique partner, a charity with a strong commercial and independent approach. We know that every company is unique too, so we work closely with our partners to tailor lasting partnerships that deliver impressive results.

Citizens Advice Elmbridge (West) is looking for corporate partners to work alongside us on three critical strands of our work in the local community:

  • Home Visits for the housebound
  • Supporting children affected by domestic abuse
  • Housing

Our service in action

These are just three of the major issues facing over 4,000 clients who come to us for help each year. We invite you to join in delivering this essential service to our community. Your support will be prominently featured in all our publicity and on large banner displays at the point of delivery.

Who you should contact

If you would like to speak to us about supporting Citizens Advice Elmbridge (West) please contact our Chief Officer on 01932 248670 or email manager@waltoncab.cabnet.org.uk

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