For all the rooms

  • Use low energy light bulbs
  • Close your curtains to keep in the heat
  • Switch off lights when leaving the room


  • Use the right hob size for the pan that you are cooking with
  • Always turn taps off fully
  • Switch off lights when leaving the room
  • Only boil the water you require when boiling the kettle
  • Cook food in batches in the oven, and eat for lunch/dinner the next day
  • Wash laundry at 30 degrees
  • Turn appliances off at the wall
  • Keeping lids on pots and pans whilst waiting for water to boil or food to heat will save time and energy
  • Don’t put hot food in the fridge, wait until it cools down or the fridge will have to work harder to cool things down.

Living room

  • Turn off appliances at wall and unplug the mobile charger when not charging mobile
  • Tuck curtains in so that your heating is funnelled into the room, not towards the windows


  • Don’t leave computers or laptops on standby
  • Use a thicker duvet during winter to stay warmer without having to turn the heating up


  • Always turn taps off fully
  • Don’t let the water run when brushing your teeth, only use it when you need to
  • Take showers, not baths
  • Try fitting a water widget to your shower head; it aerates the water flow meaning you use less water without a noticeable difference
  • Don’t charge electric toothbrushes continuously: it uses up electricity needlessly
  • Ask your water provider if they can provide you with a water-saving device for your toilet cistern

General house