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What do we do?

We provide free, impartial, independent and confidential advice to anybody in need of support over the age of 16, experiencing a problem relating to debt, benefits, housing, family problems, immigration and domestic abuse and more. Sometimes a client needs straightforward signposting, in other occassions a client has a complex set of problems that need more in depth advice.

Are you ready to volunteer?

With the pandemic restrictions closing perhaps now is a good time for change or to learn some new skills?

If you have been thinking of volunteering for Citizens Advice for a while, now is a great time to get in touch!

Volunteers are the cornerstone of our service and we are actively recruiting new volunteers to join our great team, based in our office at the Elmbridge Hub, Walton on Thames.


We are seeing an increase in demand for advice services across the community we serve, which includes the towns and surrounding areas of Walton on Thames, Weybridge and Hersham.

What help do we need?  

We have volunteer vacancies for the following roles;

Interested and want to know more?

If you would like to register your interest for one of these roles please complete this form and click submit. We will aim to contact you within three working days.

Volunteering Enquiries

If you would like to have a general discussion about volunteering at Citizens Advice Elmbridge (West) please email us on





Celebrating our Volunteers

The Citizens Advice service started almost 80 years ago on the eve of the Second World War and is supported by 22,000 volunteers across England and Wales.

Marking Volunteers’ Week, running from 1 June to 7 June 2019, we would like to thank our volunteers at Citizens Advice Elmbridge West for their hugely valuable contribution, supporting the communities of Walton on Thames, Hersham and Weybridge, in providing residents with the knowledge and advice to help solve the problems they are facing in life.

“Volunteers are the cornerstone of our operations and provide essential support giving our clients information and advice, keeping the service running smoothly, raising funds, identifying local and national issues and helping with the strategic direction of the organisation.”

Margaret Bourne – Chief Executive, Citizens Advice Elmbridge West.

Making an Impact

Citizens Advice Elmbridge West is proud to have currently 50 volunteers supporting the operation and delivery of the charity’s advice services. The volunteers  last year helped 3,676 people with 15,473 unique client problems, such as debt, housing, benefit, domestic abuse and employment issues. They made 27,657 contacts with clients directly or to third parties on their behalf.

Why volunteer?

Nationally 22,000 highly trained volunteers support the delivery of our service. Our volunteers come from a range of backgrounds and find volunteering rewarding, challenging and fun. Here what some of our valued volunteers say.

Rob F – volunteer for over 15 years said: “I volunteer here because every day is different, there are always new problems to tackle – it’s certainly never boring.”

Chris A – “Over the years, I feel I’ve got more out of it than I give. I’ve got new skills, like computer skills. It’s all about the clients, really.”

Alexis – “I work here because the people are wonderful.”

John E – “The satisfying thing is, when you can get something practical done for people, help them resolve their issue.”

Join our team!

Now is a great time to join us if you are interested in volunteering with Citizens Advice Elmbridge West. We have the following volunteering opportunities available.

For more information about the types of roles we offer visit the national Citizens Advice website. If you’re interested in finding out more about volunteering with Citizens Advice Elmbridge West contact the team by email via or call 01932 248660

Celebrating Citizens Advice 80th Birthday in Walton on Thames

To celebrate Citizens Advice 80th birthday and serving our local community since 1942 we will be running a community event during the week commencing 16th September 2019. Please keep an eye on our news page and social media channels Facebook and Twitter for more information.